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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros


The Rag top on the 1320


Fers Camaro with the top down spinning the wheels all through 1. gear = corresponds to lousy 60 foot times but the fun factor is excellent. It spinns the wheels so much it will shift to 2.nd gear and then when it has grib shift down again - not exactly the way to do a quick time - maybe run the TH 350 in manuel .

The car is missing the traction rod unik to 1967 Camaros and that gives the small rag top a real traction problem. The brackets for the rod is in place so its only a matter of locating a new traction rod.

Could also be fun to put on a set of sticky softcompound tyres a see the rag top break into the 14's.

The ejector effect with the top down is phenomenal, everything which isn't nailed to the floor will go flying once you pass 70mph.