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Philippine build Camaro (and young lady as well).


  Frank Koh's Blue Brutus 1968 RS Yutivo.
VIN 123378Y120046P Yutivo No. 1094 produced in 68, last known Yutivo Camaro VIN to exist for 1968.
Paint trim XXX (Teal Blue), Interior Trim 725, red costum interior,
Kmph Speedo, Heater Delete, Radio Delete, Non-power drums, no Power steering.

Modified to V8 350 painted Lemans Blue and installed black houndstooth interior, Aircon, cowl hood, spoilers, power steering, power disc brakes, aftermarket mags,

Last Known location: Manila Philippines, owned by Frank Koh (October 2008)

Owners Comments: My Camaro does have the 725 trim code, yes, a red interior. It was originally a bare-bones model, with the L90 250cui slug and a three speed manual Saginaw transmission, with no power steering, no power brakes (drums, of course, which I have thankfully replaced with proper O.E.M. disc brakes) and no air conditioning. The car did not come with a radio either, and in fact, I have kept the original radio block-off plate in my box of Camaro parts. Even the place where the central air vent of the air conditioned cars is supposed to be, has been preserved in all its uncut, unmolested splendor. What I was lucky to find was an original Yutivo Camaro blower unit, which I had rebuilt and re-machined. With an external switch box and two discreet auxiliary vents, I have managed to keep a clean look to the dash, which only contains a set of era-correct accessory gauges and my modern sound system head unit just to keep things exciting. Probably the reason why the car had only run 47,000 kms during its lifetime was because it was located in Abra, Northern Philippines. Not much driving could be done there, and besides, with the lack of creature comforts like P/S, P/D/B, A/C and other important letters of the alphabet, the car was not fun to drive at all. Furthermore, with the hideous color combination of Teal Blue exterior and Red interior, the former owner would have been ashamed to be seen driving it!







  1968 RS Yutivo.
VIN 123378Y120021G, Yutivo car No. 487 produced in 68.
Paint trim 868 9377 4 (Bolero Red), Interior Trim 725, red costum interior,

Beautiful restored Yutivo in Hugger Orange (69 color) with white bumblebee stripe
Cragar rims, spoilers, 350cui V8 conversion

Car still has what appears to be the original red costum interior..

Last Known location: Trentham, New Zealand, Jan 2008, Owner Arren & Pauline ?





  1968 RS Yutivo The Red Baron.
VIN 123378Y120020F, Yutivo car No. 462 produced in 68.
Paint trim 868 9377 4 (Bolero Red), Interior Trim 714, black costum interior,

1 owner close to original car when found, had a V8 conversion done.

Last Known location: Angeles City, Philippines, May 2012, Owner Rico






  1968 RS Yutivo.
VIN 123378Y120030Z Yutivo car No. 720 produced in 68
Paint trim 868 9377 4 (Bolero Red), Interior Trim 714, black costum interior,
Kmph Speedo, Heater Delete, original trim tag 'trimmed' to fit door opening.

Modified to V8 350 cui and Ford 9" rear, multileaf and slapper bars, NOS, headers, cowl hood, modified brakes, spoilers

Last Known location: Angeles City Philippines (for sale 2007)

Owners comment: Owner unknown






  1968 RS Yutivo.
VIN unknown
Paint trim unknown, Interior Trim 725, red costum interior,
Kmph Speedo, Heater Delete.

Console, deluxe interior, console clock

Last Known location: Philippines 2007

Owners comment: Owner and present status of car unknown, if you are the owner please contact me on csn@69pace.com






  1968 Yutivo body shell in Camper disguise
No VIN number, No Yutivo Trimtag, No hidden VINS

Paint trim unknown, Interior Trim unknown,
Heater Delete.

Clear attachment point of the Yutivo tag in correct location on firewall, and no holes for US type trim tag. No hidden VINs are all Yutivo tell tale signs.

Last Known location: Philippines January 2009

Owners comment: Sad sad sad to see any Camaro in this condition. The body is rotten but could be brought back to life, sadly without any papers and VIN number it is very unlikely to happen





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