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 Yutivo Camaros


1978 Oldsmobile Regency Ninetyeight

Hang Out November 2007:

Joe: Why are you driving such an expensive gas guzzler Feter?

Feter: Because I can not afford to ride tricycles

The "Pimpmobile" is powered by a 403 cui bigblock rated at 185hp @ 4000rpm, remember this is well into the seventies where gasoline prices and insurance companies killed the highpowered bigblocks.

The Olds 403 engine was also used by GM in some Pontiac Firebirds in the mid 70'ies.

Extravagant but original interior in kitchenblue colour.

Courtesy lights, tilt steering, cruise control, power locks, power windows, power seats, stereo, door entry lights, curbe lights, aut., climate control, power trunk lock with remote opening, power steering, power mirrors, power brakes, front and rear arm rests, digital clock, tinted windows and in this case a couple of rare options (Philippine marked only) snake skin steering wheel cover and happy good morning towel dash board cover :o) - these cars were loaded with accessories.


This car is used as a daily driver, aircon runs to zero kelvin and the car is a real cruiser, but its still quite fast, nothing beats the torque of a bigblock. The only problem the owner has is keeping track of all his exterior lights - it takes quite an effort to keep all 30 something lights functioning ;o)


Extravagant interior - here from a dealership brochure - red velvet - pimpmobile rules.