Clark International Speedway

February 7, 2009

 69 Pace

 Joe`s Garage

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February 7, 2009

The 2nd race of 2009 saw John Rizya with his Thunder Camaro once again successful as he took 2nd place among the Quick 8, the fastest cars of the day.


John on the way back to the pits after a run

Boys will be boys, the old V8's still attract some attention


Steve and Rick discussing the race or the weather.

Steve and his Mad Max Camaro battling it out on the track



Redneck Racing Team was in the next pit garage, they brought out their newly build Camaro

Looking good and fast.

Redneck Racing Teams Yellow Camaro on the way out of the pits for a run, rain is drizzling and for a moment it looked like no more racing would take place on the event, but it held mostly dry and the race was continued.