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January 17, 2009

 69 Pace

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January 17, 2009

2009 Race Calender opening race on January 17 saw John Rizya drive his 67 Thunder Camaro to first place in the Prodivision, another great result for Garage Power. Further success as Steve took 2nd place in his 70 Mad Max Camaro.

The event certainly saw enough excitement for one day as the fastest V8 in the Philippines Ken Kepners 70 Bigblock Camaro hit the wall during the qualifiers. Ken started in the right lane and left the line good and hard, his bigblock powered Camaro started drifting off towards the centerline of the track and when Ken corrected a sudden hook up made the car jump in opposite direction, resulting in an off track excursion where Ken ended up hitting the wall on the right side of the track. Luckily due to years of experience and his driving skills Ken was able to scrub off must of the speed before hitting the wall. Ken was unhurt in his safety cage although complaining from some back pain, the car however sustained substantial damage. We at Garage Power hope Ken will recover fully and get his 70 Camaro back on track for future competitions.

All this happened at the qualifiers and the track had to be closed for about an hour before Ken's Camaro could be towed away and out of harms way, but for the Race it self it was John Rizya and his 67 Thunder Camaro that stood for the excitement. John lost his first race of the day as he broke out on his run, running faster than his dial in.

A strong come back from the losers finals saw John ending up in the overall final against Steve Caldwells No. 11 Mad Max Camaro, Steve considered the favorite as he had won every single race of the event. Furthermore John's Thunder Camaro was running without cooling water pump and had done so for the past 4 runs, winning every one.

Kens off-track excursion caused the track to be closed for quite some time, this combined with some mechanical problems meant Hans only got two qualifying runs in with his 68 Tweety Camaro. It was Hans and his Camaros comeback to racing and it had been quite some time since Hans last race, so more practice would have suited car and driver well. So coming into eliminations Hans was far from prepared and as such lost out early on in the competition - no worries as Hans at that time was looking forward to some beers already.

In the end it was a marginal win to John as he just edged past Steve before the finish line, Steve having taken the early lead.



Ken Kepner, Philippine national record holder for fastest V8 hits the wall in the early qualifiers as his 70 Bigblock Camaro catapulted off track, luckily Ken (in red racing suit) was not hurt in the accident.


His 1970 Camaro (with 78 front end) after the accident, Ken feared the frame was bend out of shape too, lets hope to see this awesome Camaro racing soon again.