69 Pace

         Touring the Philippines

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         2008 Sep. Clark 67 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Jan. Kiwi 68 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Oct. Fields Ave 67 & 69 Camaro

         2009 Nov. Subic 67 Chevelle & 69 Camaro

                     2010 Feb. Subic 67, 68, 69 & 70 Camaro, part 1

Subic roundtrip February 2010, part II

A plan was hatched to do a Camaro only cruise from Apt.

Objects in the rearview mirror are as Bad Ass as they appear.


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The days events and problems being discussed over a cold one..................


Not again..... What is it this time....

Well the notorious BF Goodrich Radial TA tires does not like the climate nor the roads in the Philippines, Fers left rear suffered severe thread separation as seen above, the tire is less than 10 years old. Remember this incident on my 69 Camaro. Also Steve reports having five of these tires doing the same. Luckily I brought my brand spanking new spare tire (well it was new 30 years ago) and it was soon fitted, even the tire pressure was correct at 0.4bar - he he.  




A rare sight these days, three Camaros on the Expressway




Sloffy Joe's Yellow Chicken Camaro has not left Angeles City since it was brought there from Manila in the mid 80'ies by fellow scandahooligan Karl-Erik. So we were a bit anxious as to how it would perform on the freeway with its low 4.10 gears and high compression engine. Turned out it never missed a beat, and made the trip in style.




Clark 18km, but with a cruising speed of 45mph from the 67, it seems like an awful long way still. I guess the CEO would try not to damage my brand new spare....