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A 1967 Yutivo Camaro in original color paint and Interior

International 1967 - 69 Yutivo Camaro Registry

Yutivo Camaros

Camaros were built at Yutivo starting with initial 1966 release for the 1967 model year. How many Camaros that where build each year is unknown, however the VIN, Vechile Indentification Numbers can tell us something about the production numbers. We can only base production on the confirmed XCO batches or each year, therefore the International Yutivo Camaro Registry is very interested in hearing from you if you own a Yutivo car or know of Yutivo car. Each XCO batch consists of 24 cars.

Please contact if you own a Yutivo Car.

The purpose of the registry is solely to provide information of this little known chapter of Camaro history.

1st Generation Yutivo Camaro confirmed Production numbers (based solely on confirmed number of XCO batches for each year:  1967 Production: 3 XCO batches (002, 037 and 045), 72 Camaros produced
1968 Production: 4 XCO batches (020, 021, 030 and 046), 96 Camaros produced
1969 Production: 4 XCO batches (008, 009, 015 and 019), 96 Camaros produced

1967 Production: Last known VIN 125377Y150045B (Camaro), Yutivo car No.1082 produced
1968 Production: Last known VIN 123378Y120046P (Camaro), Yutivo car No. 1094 produced
1969 Production: Last known VIN 123379Y184019Y (Camaro), Yutivo car No. 455 Produced

Only 264 Camaros are confirmed to have been produced at the Yutivo Assembly plant in Paco Manila.11 XCO batches of 24 cars spread over the three production years. It is unknown how many were produced in total, estimated numbers may be as high as 300 per year or as low as 100 per year. In any case an Yutivo Camaro would be a rare sight . As for the total number of Yutivo cars being produced: For the years 1967 and 1968 we believe the last known Camaso VIN's to represent the total produced Yutivo cars pretty well, however for 69 there is no reason to believe that only 455 cars where produced. Time will tell when more VINs for the 69 year surfaces if production was indeed above 1000 units.

VIN Date added in database Trim Paint Org. Color Engine Transmission Rear end Current color Owner details Last known location
125377Y150002C Jan. 2006 765 24.340 Ermine White 250 L90 3 speed man. 10 bolt Ermine White   Angeles City, Philippines
125377Y150037A Aug. 2007 797 24.4036 Nantucket Blue 250 L90 3 speed man. 10 bolt, 3.55 ratio Nantucket Blue   Angeles City, Philippines
125377Y150045A Sep. 2009 765   Madeira Maroon 383 V8, original engine with owner Aut. 10 bolt, 3.55 ratio Maroon   Angeles City, Philippines
125377Y150045B Oct. 2006 765 24.787 Madeira Maroon 350 V8 Aut. NA Black w/red stripes Unknown Holland, for sale Nov. 2007
123378Y120020F May. 2012  714  868 93774   Matador Red 350 V8  4 speed   Red  Rico   Angeles City, Philippines May 2012
123378Y120021G Apr. 2008 725 868 93774 Matador Red 350 V8 NA NA Hugger Orange w/white stripe Arren & Pauline Trentham, New Zealand, Jan 2008
123378Y120030Z Jun. 2006 714  868 93774 Matador Red 350 V8 Aut. 9 Inch Grey NA Angeles City Philippines (for sale 2007)
123378Y120046P Dec. 2007 725   Teal Blue, not confirmed 350 V8, original engine with owner Aut, org. 3 speed man. NA Blue w/white stripe Frank Koh Manila, Philippines
123379Y184008H   711 906 Unknown 396 BB V8 Aut. 9 inch Blue   Cebu, Philippines
123379Y184008T Sep. 2008 712 908 Cortez Silver 250 L90 3 speed man. 10 bolt Red w/white stripes   Angeles City, Philippines
123379Y1840xxJ More details to follow, added Sep. 2007
123379Y1840xxM More details to follow
123379Y184009W Jul. 2007 711 913 Garnet Red 350 V8 4 speed man. 10 bolt Maroon w/white stripes Paul Shipped to Australia Sep. 2009
123379Y184015Q Jul. 2007 719 908 Cortez Silver 505 BB V8 Aut. 9 inch Blue w/white stripes   Luzon Philippines
123379Y184019A Dec. 2007 719 908 Cortez Silver 250 L90 3 speed man. 10 bolt, 3.36 ratio Frame Off resto in progress Fer Angeles City, Philippines
123379Y184019Y   719 917 Champagne NA NA NA NA NA Supposedly scrapped

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