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Henriks very nice (for a Ford ;o)) 1967 Mustang GT 390, the car is an original GT 390 with numbers matching drivetrain. Many nice options including fold down rear seat, overhead console, 4 speed toploader, traction locker rear end, GT mags, tinted windows, air conditioning. Engine is the 390 bigblock, it's nearly stock and output rated at 320 Hp, coupled to the original 9inch rear 3.25 traction locker differential.

In 1967 Mustang was in its prime time with a total production of 472,121 units and of these only 24,078 were GT or GTA models.

Only 17,391 fasback 63B luxury buckets were made and fewer of them were GT or GTA's - making this a rare model.









Tag Nr: 7 R 02 S 237369

7 = 1967

R = San Jose assembly plant

02 = Fastback

S = GT bigblock (390 Thunderbird motor)

237369 = unit number

Trim Nr: 63B K 6A 20U 13 D 5

63B = Luxury model

K = Nightmist Blue (exterior colour)

6A = Black luxury Bucket seats

20U = build date 20. July 2nd production year

13 = District sales office 13= New York City, New York

D = Rear axle 3.25:1 with traction locking

5 = 4 speed manuel (top loader)

Styled Wheels

Tilt away Steering

SelectAire Conditioner

2 + 2 Folding Rear Seat

GT equipment group

Limited slip differential (3.25:1 ratio)

Power front disc brakes

Power steering

Convenience Control Panel

Remote control outside mirror

Tinted windows & windshield

Push button AM/FM radio

Lower console

Upper console

Interior Decor group


From the restoration and paint, this Mustang has an all original body, no panels have been replaced, no welding





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