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  Rob Hyde's 1967 "Viper" Camaro.  


I'm sure the Viper was a standard non-RS Camaro and I know it was red originally. It had the 200kmph speedo, but since the car has been heavily modified there is no more tell tale signs to look for as for it being a Yutivo, we will have to ask John and rely on his memory. I know he got it out of a junk yard in Angeles City originally.
The recent pictures from US is from a show last year. It won the best muscle car class.

The cool pictures of the car in front of the Blue Nile and Neros in Angeles City was taken in 2002. The bar wanted some promotional pictures of car and driver after I set a V-8 record and was the first V-8 to break into the 10's in the Philippines. The old 10 sec pass was with the 350 on nitrous at a PDRF event at Harbor Center in Manila

The car get a lot of attention because of its history as being from the Philippines and that it has been raced in the Phillipines as well. I first started racing the car in 2000 and raced it until 2004, then I shipped it to the U.S. Back in those days I raced it with a 350 smallblock, now of course it has been swapped with a 440cui smallblock, see specs below..

440 cubic inch small block
14.5:1 compression
Aluminum heads
Forged steel crank
H-beam heavy duty rods
NOS nitrous oxide system
Powerglide automatic
5000 stall converter
Manual valve body with transbrake
Rear end:   
Ford 9 inch rear end
4:88 gears
First V-8 powered car in the Philippines
to break into the 10 sec. bracket.
PDRF Philippine V-8 Class
National record holder - 2002

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John tinkering in his shop and below behind the wheel of his beloved Thunder Camaro

John tinkering with my old Camaro

Steve behind the wheel of his "Mad Max" Camaro