1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS 250, build by Yutivo in The Philippines

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     1967 Yutivo RS

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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

Yutivo RS with original 250 cui straight six engine.



I have been looking for a Yutivo Camaro for the past couple of years. There are Yutivos around, but very few retains their original drivetrain and many of them have been converted to V8's and extensively modified, some even for drag racing. In most cases the original 250 cui straight 6 has been thrown away.

This Yutivo was saved just in time as the convertion to V8 (like nearly all the rest of them) with a TH350 transmission had already begun, so the pictures shows the engine bay with a mid 70's 350cui V8 already in place. Luckily this Yutivo was driven to the shop with its original drivetrain.




70's 350 cui V8

67 250 cui L90 Yutivo engine


The original drive train will be put back where it belongs - between the fenders of this 67 Yutivo.

My Yutivo overview:

250 cui L6 engine
Saginaw 3 speed manual transmission
10 Bolt rear end w/ mono leaf springs and PK code 3.55 gear ratio
RS, Rally Sport
Center Console
Kmph speedo to 200 kmph
Deluxe Parchment/black interior Trim 797
Console mounted clock
Heater delete
Non-power 4 wheel drum brakes
No power steering !
RPO N96 wheel covers mag style type A (hub caps)








Original paint


Click on thumbnails for larger pictures and short description.









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