1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS 250, build by Yutivo in Philippines

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Beautiful Nantucket blue 67 Camaro.


The paint codes for Yutivos has been lost long ago, not even the guys at the Camaro Research Group has the info to decode the paint, so I can not go from the paint code on the trim tag which is 24.4036. Since I would like to use the original colour, I would have to go by the clues we find as we strip the car.
It is clear that the car was some kind of light blue and since it is a 67 that leaves me with three options (with US trim tag paint codes):

1. Nantucket Blue code D

2. Marina Blue code F

3. Emerald Turquoise code K

The car will have 797 Parchment (white) w/ black stripe interior installed again as when it left the Yutivo factory back in March 1967.

I needed some help, therefore I asked on the CRG forum if somebody could determine the colour based on my photos at the bottom of this page.

UPDATE November 2007: The colour has been found to be Nantucket Blue, thanks to CRG forum. See the thread here.


1. Nantucket Blue code D



2. Marina Blue code F




3. Emerald Turquoise code K



And here are the few clues I have to find the original colour after:









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