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Fers 1967 Camaro 454


454 cui and a bit more (secret) AFR headed Big Block, Edelbrock Air Gap manifold, hydraulic roller cam AND aircondition - NOT!!!. However an original airconditioned car with tinted windows. Ford 9 inch rear, Hotchkins suspension package front and rear w/ sway bars, Performance springs, powersteering and powerbrakes. 3 speed auto Th400.

In these pictures only the rear has been changed to the Hotchkins suspension package, hence the high ride height in the front


One happy camper...................., click here for more info




One great looking and very fast car.



Here is what the car looked like when Fer bought it, you can see why he fell in love with it - right ;o) We love cars with history and certainly this one has some pedigree.

Awesome interior, no seat belts needed, the amount of dust that would plaster your eyes prevented you from moving anything faster than 30 mph. With no carpets and a bit too many holes in the exhaust, the noise level helped keeping your foot of the throttle as well. Interestingly this Norwood build Camaro has a 200kmph export speedo - or the previous 120mph speedo couldn't cope with the flooding and a replacement from a Yutivo Camaro was installed. With the cars history of sailing of like a ship - I  immediately suggested installing something that measured the speed in "knots".

V8 'power' 300 something cui and a few horsies too.
Newly overhauled by former owner, yeah right.
Judging by the amount of dust, it has been awhile since the car was last flooded ;o)

The Camaro had been flooded twice, but as the seller pointed out "It doesn't really matter because it was brackish water (fresh water)". Apparently the dent in the passenger side door came during the last flood where the car was lifted off its parking space and carried away into a coconut tree.