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James Bond's Yutivo



  1967 RS Yutivo.
VIN 125377Y150045B Car No.1082 produced in 67 (last known VIN)
Paint 24.787 (Probably originally Madeira Maroon, based on registration papers and frame off resto)
Interior trim 765 (black costum buckets)
Kmph Speedo, Heater delete but has heater control installed in dash.

Car has standard bucket seats, but retains costum door panels. Aftermarket steering wheel and some 2nd gen aut. shifter. Originally 250 cui w/ engine stamp F0424FM C4 61 (250 cui for aut. trans (powerglide) 24. april 1967), now modified to smallblock V8

Last Known location: Holland (for sale July 2007), Pictures from Philippines taken Oct. 2006, offered for sale in Denmark in November 2007 (through Dutch contact).







  John Dicksons very nice and original 67 Yutivo 250, 3 speed
VIN 125377Y150002C  Car No. 27 produced in 67 (earliest know VIN)
Paint 24.340 (Ermine White), Interior 765 (black deluxe bucket seats)

Kmph Speedo, probably the original dealer installed philippine radio, Heater delete, U35 console mounted clock, console.
Original drivetrain 250 cui w/ 3 speed manual trans, Muncie shifter.

Magstyle hubcaps and redline tyres.

Last Known location: Philippines, Sep. 2007, Owner: John Dickson

Owners Comment: I kinda like driving the 6 banger with the 3 speed, it suits driving conditions her in the Philippines well there is no overheating and the car is light, nimble and faster than you would think







  My 1967 RS Yutivo.

VIN 125377Y150037A Car No. 865 produced in 67
Paint 24.4036 (Nantucket blue based on frame off resto), Interior 797 (Parchment deluxe bucket seats)

250 cui L6 engine with engine stamp F0303LN, March 3 1967 for manual transmission.
Saginaw 3 speed manual transmission with S7B10 stamp, February 10 1967
10 Bolt PK0222G1, February 22 (1967) with 3.55 ratio rear end w/ mono leaf springs.
Center Console, U35 console mounted clock, Kmph speedo to 200 kmph, Heater delete
Non-power 4 wheel drum brakes, No power steering.
RPO N96 wheel covers mag style type A (hub caps)

Last Known location: Angeles City, Philippines, Oct. 2008 (frame off resto completed).

Owners comment: Where are my hubcaps and redline tyres



More Pictures Here



  1967 RS Yutivo.

VIN 125377Y150045A Car No.1081 produced in 67 (second to last known VIN)
Paint 24.787 (Probably originally Madeira Maroon, based on registration papers and frame off resto)
Interior trim 765 (black costum buckets)
Kmph Speedo, Heater delete

Car has black deluxe bucket seats, with the correct costum door panels. Aftermarket steering wheel.Originally 250 cui w/ engine stamp F0424FM  (250 cui for aut. trans (powerglide) 24. april 1967), now modified to 383 cui smallblock V8, org fitted with drum brakes, now has 4 piston calibers from a 68 Yutivo. 10bolt rear with 3.55 gears.

Last Known location: Angeles City, Philippines Sep. 2009, Owner Chubby 88.

Owners comment: The car was a bit of a handful with the 383 stroker V8 and the drum brakes.





  1967 Blown Crazy Yutivo.

VIN and Trim unknown as the car was pulled from a junkyard by John to build a race car.

Although the rental racer has no VIN number nor Trim plate anymore, I am certain it was born at the Yutivo plant at Paco Manila.
Blown Crazy has no hidden VIN numbers (all US made cars have that and Yutivos don't), it is a heater delete car as all Yutivos were. It does not have the RS back up lights but has RS tail lights, however the back up light holes has been covered up.
The car also has no holes for the US style trim tag at the brake booster.
Equipped with 200kmph speedo
The car can never be 100% certain certified as an Yutivo due to missing VIN and Trim plate.
Last Known location: Angeles City, Philippines, June 2009.

Owners comment: Don't ask me about little details as VIN numbers, get your ass out of here I want to get that engine swap done today, there is a small window in the weather now, I'll see you around next time





  Rob Hyde's 1967 Race Yutivo

VIN 125377YxxxxxxX
Paint unknown, Interior unknown

I'm sure the Viper was a standard non-RS Camaro and I know it was red originally. It had the 200kmph speedo, but since the car has been heavily modified there is no more tell tale signs to look for as for it being a Yutivo, we will have to ask John and rely on his memory. I know he got it out of a junk yard in Angeles City originally.
The recent pictures from US is from a show last year. It won the best muscle car class.

The cool pictures of the car in front of the Blue Nile and Neros in Angeles City was taken in 2002. The bar wanted some promotional pictures of car and driver after I set a V-8 record and was the first V-8 to break into the 10's in the Philippines. The old 10 sec pass was with the 350 on nitrous at a PDRF event at Harbor Center in Manila

Last Known location: Michigan, USA, present day.

Owners comment: The car get a lot of attention because of its history as being from the Philippines and that it has been raced in the Phillipines as well. I first started racing the car in 2000 and raced it until 2004, then I shipped it to the U.S. Back in those days I raced it with a 350 smallblock.





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