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     1967 Yutivo RS


                As found


                Org. Paint

                Frame Off Restoration

  Yutivo Camaros

  American Muscle

 1967 - 1969 factory paint

RS steering wheel, heater delete. Yutivos didn't come with a US radio either.



Camaro RS 250



Car used to be white costum buckets with black stripe interior (797 trim), so of course the blue standard buckets does not belong to the car.


The center console with the 3 speed shift pattern. Note the console mounted clock, I have seen these on other Yutivos.

The clock is the RPO code U35, console mounted clock, but the upper part of the cup" is missing and the internal original clock has been replaced by a ordinary kitchen clock with a plastic sheet as lens - hmmmmmmrf.

Clock supposed to look more like this.

1968 Clock as it has a silver stripe in the center where the pointers are attached

1967 Clock that I bought on Ebay, no silver stripe in the center

White (parchment) head liner with rear sail panel courtesy light.

Speedo in kmph scaling, it goes to 200 kmph, heater delete center dash (with a few added gauges), 3 speed shifter hole in flooring.


Deluxe door handle, 67 vent windows, light blue (original) paint in door.

The original deluxe door panels that have been painted black, used to be white. In the bottom of the trunk the original spare tyre.




A beautiful example of a 797 deluxe interior Parchment (white) with black stripe, black dash, console and carpet, will my Yutivo Camaro ever look even closely like this??.



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