1968 Sweedish Yellow Camaro 355, A true underdog racing story from Omni 2006


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Hans's Bigtime race debut

Hans was pretty exited to get his yellow Camaro running for the first time with soft compund Mickey Thompson 26x12.5 Sportsman Pro Tyres, so he headed off to Bongs shop early to get them fitted. As it turned out - there was a problem with the backspacing on the rims, leaving the tyres rubbing the exhaust pipes - no goood. Anyway spacers were needed and so fabricated to precision by shop specialist Noel, spacers and rims fitted excellently - unfortuneate the bolts were then no good, surprisingly they were too long. Small problem sorted with some washers and OOOFFFF went Hans to the racetrack - just in time for the tropical typhoon shower who left the trac wet and unusable.

Good news, the rain shower passed and after about an hour the trac was dry enough to do some testruns, Hans was first guy on trac, spending the afternoon strapped into his seat with his race gear on - take about getting exited for a first race. Anyway after having sitted first in line waiting for the trac to open after the rain, Hans was ready to roll. But disaster hit after only a few initial runs, the team faced severe problems. Luckily the team consists of some of the best brains in the buisness - here is how they solved the problem.

Peter: I think this is the engine compartment, where is the turbo charger and the superjektors - I think a hydrophor tank would be better than a fuel pump, maybe fitted with a bypass and non-return valve - that'll support a thousand horsepower easy.

Hans: I only revved it to 6000rpm - in the gears, but a "bit" higher when I hit neutral, How did I hit neutral - my shifter must be broken - don't understand why that rubber band went off.

Claus: It can easy rev to 9000 rpm, let me have a go, I'll show you how - no worries, I used to rev mine waaaaay above that.


Video in 640x480, 15 sec 8.8 mb


Video in 640x480, 13 sec 1.4mb



Hans: I can't fix this, I know who can help us.

Peter: I'll get us some beers, this might take some time.

Claus: we will wait right here - the car sure as hell aint moving anywhere soon.


Shiela: Hey dumb asses, can't you see the generator is slightly misaligned, it throws your V-belt off when hitting high RPM's. You can da also see that the v-belt is worn, needs replacement. Be sure to have right tension, you might also be able to align the generator better with some tweaking here and there.

Hans: Generator ? Misalgnment ? V-belt ???? Sounds complicating, I got something in my nose.

Claus: I found this in the trunk, we might be able to fit that, this rubber band looks in much better condition.


Hans: Its almost the same lenght as the one I found in the radiator, hell I might be able to stretch it a bit.

Peter: I'll get us some beers, this might take some time.

Claus: Told you so - right from the beginning - thats your problem right there.


Hans: Yepppiiee Its running again, does it have 2 or 3 gears ????? Still has that shifter problem, I will email Hurst that they have a flaw in their design.

Peter (behind Hans): I am off to Hang Out soon to get some beers, hey boys shall we take the next round at Hang Out.

Sheila: Those guys aren't too bright, without me they would never had the car running.

Yeah, thats right Hans, better get that side rearview mirror perfectly adjusted, you never know what may come up behind you to pass - hehe. A better get those front wheels pointing down the track instead of towards the fence - ooooooooouuuuccch.

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