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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros


Fender Flares anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1968 Tweety Camaro, 80ies style

1968 "Baldwin Motion" Camaro 427


This is how the car looked when Karl-Erik bought the car in Manila back in the 80'ies. As you can see the color scheme was the same 25 years ago as it is today, however the car was done to simulate a Motion Camaro to a certain degree. Quarter panel scoops, enourmous hood scoop with build in gauges, Motion badges, costum rear bumpe guards (that looks lik they came off a truck), cool chrome wheels - I dig it man.



This color scheme continues on the inside, with these yellow and black comfortably looking bucket seats. And of course the only steering wheel that was hip back in the day, the chrome chain wheel - cool. The car was also equipped with state of the art stereo 8 track tape player with huge control knobs.

Otherwise clearly a manual transmission car (notice clutch pedal) with Hurst shifter in the stock 68 console. Black standard door panels surprises me as the car originally was a deluxe houndstooth interior car.



427 cui Bigblock Chevy


Engine bay reveals a matching yellow color 427cui bigblock chevy with Baldwin Motion valve covers. Dual plane aluminum intake and what looks like a Rochester carburetor. In hood gauges, power steerind, non-power brakes.

1968 Psychedelic Purple Haze


At some point the car was turned into this monster with a psychedelic paint scheme. HUGE fender flares, costum striping and costum hood scoop (which was later removed to accommodate a tunnel ram intake.


The only clue left from its turbulent past is the front spoiler and of course the paint scheme.



Photoshoot in Manila