69 Pace


 The Cars

     1967 Yutivo RS

     1969 Pace Car Replica

     1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

     1969  SS 396 Triple Green

     1979 Blazer K5

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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros


The Philippine version on "OVERHAULIN", reality TV thats REAL

An insight into Noels mind, taken from his personal dairy.

An easy step by step How to Restore YOUR Camaro, follow the simple three steps below:


Get a Camaro, the cheapest one, preferably in the worst condition available, flooded or Lahare damaged Camaros accepted. This was a little too expensive at 1000usd, weŽll blow the budget.

Originally a Norwood base V8 coupe, lemans blue, blue interior and dealer installed vinyl roof.


Tear it apart, throw the parts wherever you find space



Make a nice Camaro out of it, VOILA



Sadly the car was exported to Holland, below picture from Europe