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Fers 1969 Elcamino 454

The El Camino at the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta on February 11 - 13, 2005 Clark Air Field Pampanga. The Elky was fresh out of Jessies shop and took 1. price in the show for best paint job.


The Camino in Jessies shop - what a paintjob - top quality. In addition to paint Fer chroms the bumfers, installs new windshield (I wonder why - something with a flying stone from a small 69 Camaro) gets the interior redone, modifys the hood to original size cowl induction and upgrades the engine. Impressive bigblock Chevy engine with lots of good stuf inside, coupled to a TH 400 transmission. The block is a 1967 427 casting but "stroked" to 454 cui. The engine receives and cam, heads, intake, carburator upgrade from one of Fers other bigblock engines. When this pick up is ready to roll again Fer wants to make sure it has enough power to rip the rear tyres - and rims ;o) - to shreads.

UUUUUUooopss !!!!!



Below, the Camino outside Jessies shop - the day we had it transported up from Manila in flatbed truck, the observant readers will notice that at this point the front windscreen is still intact on the Elcamino  -   something that were about to change a few hours later when a smallblock Camaro spun the wheels in some gravel ?!!?


Here a much needed pitstop, could this be the elusive smallblock Camaro that caused havoc to Fers windscreen ???????


And with a brand new windscreen, looks much better

The first El Camino below (1959)