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I purchased the car from Jessie early January this year, the car was in good shape, running condition - that is it hadn't been registret since 1991, but Jessie drove it every month just to keep it in shape. The paint had started to shown signs of its age. The engine bay was very dusty and dirty from many years of road dust and small rust holes was suspected to be in the usual places.

The interior was in mainly in great shape but again road wear and tear showed in the "dusty" instruments in the dashboard - I quess most just needs proper cleaning.

Dismantling of the car began almost immediately - in fact I have never driven the car on the street - or anywhere else for that matter.

                      January 2004:

All exterior and interior parts has been removed. All drivetrain and suspension components has been removed - all suspension parts will be sandblasted and later on epoxy coated. The paint has partially been scraped of the body, some rust holes has peeked out into the sunlight - these will be repaired.



                       MARCH 2004:


Body work has been completed, the car looks straight as an arrow and very little bondo is necessary. Check out the pictures below and check out Jessie's custom car brackets to hold the car in position.




The body was in pretty good shape for a 35 year old car, check out the pictures below - on the right is the area at the passenger side frame rail for rear suspension, looks pretty good - even after all the paint has been removed.
The left picture shows the inner fender rear in the passenger side, looks pretty impressive too - NO RUST HERE.
Next its on the paint cabin, I can't wait to see the car being brought back to showroom condition.
Jessie is in California right now and will bring back minor parts for the assembly of the car including new vacuum system for the headlight doors, some convertible parts etc.



                       JUNE 2004:

Its so far a very impressive paint job that they have done in Jessie's shop. The under chassis of the car looks cleaner and smoother than most production car bodies of today.
The car has never been this clean and smooth before, not even when it left the Norwood assembly plant in 1969 - truly impressive.




Some different shots of the underbody.
Right picture above shows the entire length of the underside of the floor pans.
Above left picture is  rear quarter panels and lower rear part of under chassis, rear axle and gas tank area.
Below right, the firewall - truly showroom condition.
Below left a shot of the 12 bolt rear end, the subframe, brake drums, leaf springs etc. ready for shipping off to be sandblasted and epoxy powder coated.



                        August 2004:

Paint job has almost been completed, only missing the Hugger Orange Z28 stripes and the stripes above wheel openings.
Assembly of the car can slowly begin.




                       OCTOBER 2004:

Assembly of the car
All suspension parts, control arms, leaf springs, rear end and axle, sub frame etc. are ready to be installed. They have been epoxy powder coated. All body parts for assembly has been painted. Lower body has received black colour as original.

Front fenders, valance panel and hood has been reinstalled and aligned





                    MAY 2005:

The Car is finally beginning to take shape. The interior is starting to come together, I will trash the white gear knob before final assembly, the original gear knob is of course chrome.

The paint job on the doors didn't come out quite right, this will either have to be redone or the stickers will be purchased instead.

The hugger orange stripes are a bit to light and on the rear deck they are to narrowly spaced - these details will of course be corrected before final assembly.






                    February 2006:


Click on the hood to see whats underneeth