1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 L48/M20


Original SS L48/M20 with original matching numbers 350/300hp V8 engine.

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 1969 SS 396 Triple Green

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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros

I have been looking for a real SS Camaro ever since I bought my first Camaro - the Kitchen blue racer - back in January 2001.  In those days I didn't care much for the 69 model and thought the lines of the 67 and 68's were better looking and certainly cleaner, however my opinion on the 69 has changed over the recent years and now I think its the coolest of the 1st generation Camaros. So the search was on for an original 69 SS - hard to find, but then suddenly a friend knew one was for sale in Manila and I waited little time jumping on a plane to go and see the car in person.

It was love at first sight bought when I saw this beautiful car in Manila on July 8, 2004. The guy sold it to finance some house construction project and he had to sell some of his cars, he also had a 68 Camaro SS with fold down rearseat and another green on green on green 69 Camaro in his garage - that two years later also became mine.
I had been told that the car was a real SS, but I have heard that sooo many times and always been disappointed. As this was my third Camaro I knew what I had to look for to identify a real SS, thanks to research on CRG and Team Camaro websites. Actually a friend of mine had already been there to check out some other cars (69 Elcamino 454 and a late 70'ies Chevy 454 truck) the guy had for sale, but had no interest in the Camaro. So I went to Manila and when I first saw the car it was obvious that it was a real SS. 
The seller then presented a book with all Chevrolet engine codes stating that L48HA was a SS engine for manual transmission and since the car had the L48HA engine with matching VIN number - there was no longer any doubt and the Camaro & the 69 Elcamino 454 changed owners in a double deal.
Then I had to wait 2 looong days before the car could get hauled on a truck to Angeles, I didn't want to negotiate Manila traffic by driving the car to Angeles so it was much more convenient to get it transported.
Finally Saturday morning July 10 I took delivery of the car - just in time for the afternoons race at OMNI Aviation in Clark Air base.

The car had 96555 miles on the odometer when I bought it and it ran great and I have since put a couple of thousand miles more on the odometer.


The car has since been on Mindanao, transported back and forth from Luzon by ship. I enjoyed driving it weekly, on a Sunday cruise with the family, to work or trips to the beach. We also took the car on a couple of longer trips, click on the link below for road trip to Camiguin Island.


The car is now in Angeles waiting a complete strip down and frame off restoration. I last drove it last December 2005.


Engine and Drive train

It has a totally stock and original 350 cubic inch small block Chevy engine which was rated at 300hp in 69, original heads, intake manifold, air cleaner, Rochester carburetor, points distributor, exhaust manifolds etc.

Matching Numbers.

The car is very original except for a few items, like the radiator. Is probably the original but it has been made bigger. This is due to climate and the traffic situation in Manila where you never can get too much cooling. Since this is likely the original radiator my plan is to modify it back to stock.
The engine is coupled to a 4 on the floor M20 Muncie transmission with the standard equipped Hurst competition shifter.
A 12 bolt rear end with 3.31 gears mounted on multi leaf springs drives the rear wheels.
Like all 1969 SS's it has the correct disc brakes and it also have the RPO J52 option - power assisted disc brake.
Its mounted with 245/60 R 14 BF Goodrich tires front and rear on the original SS wheels (RPO code N66). The car still has the original jack and spare Firestone Polyglass tire.
The car is also equipped with dual chambered exhaust system (NC8), I am not sure if this is original to SS 350 models, but for sure it could be ordered over the counter at the dealer. Not all US dealers were allowed to install the chambered exhaust because of noise regulations in some states - I guess here in the Philippines that is not an issue.

A full list of RPO (Regular Production options) options on bottom of the page.



Paint and Body

Not many original SS matching numbers cars around in the Philippines (or elsewhere for that matter) either, so I am very happy for my latest find.
All trim on quarter panels, the SS ornaments on the hood, the emblems, the grille, bumpers, lights - everything is original 1969 GM parts and although its not in perfect condition it nonetheless still looks good. The car was missing the wheel moulding trim and the rocker panel trim, the mounting holes were still in the rocker panels so it was easy to place the new trim when I recently installed

This car is an original vinyl top car, I quess somebody tore the old vinyl off at some stage and threw the mouldings away.
I had the car painted to its almost original colors at Jessie's shop in 2005, the plan was to make it original looking now but with white painted roof instead of the vinyl, which is not available here in the Philippines and has to be ordered from the states. Its a great color combination (71 code) Lemans Blue, white D90 stripe and Parchment (white) vinyl top, up three with the Hugger Orange cars as the most sought after color combination. The vinyl top will be installed when we do the complete full frame off restoration next year.


Click on thumbnails for larger pictures and short description.

Frame Off !!!

The car had very little rust, except some in the rear quarter panels top wheel opening - and a couple of small holes in the trunk and floor pan. Its still all original sheet metal.

The complete frame off restoration started early 2006, its a 1.5 - 2 year plan that will bring the car to immaculate condition, pictures of progress will be posted at a special frame off section here at the website, watch for updates this year.



A SS in Hugger Orange with white hockey stripe and white vinyl top - great looking car

Why was it called Hugger Orange, it came form the cars nickname - The Hugger and was in reference to the cars handling characteristics (it hugs corners... so it's the hugger!), which are needy by today's standards, but for the period it was one of the best handling American cars you could buy.



RPO (Regular Production Options) on my SS

RPO...Description..............................................................................................Price (usd in 1969).........Quantity


  12437.Camaro V8 Sport Coupe 2726,00  190,971
  Z 27...Camaro SS (Super Sport package see note here) 281,00 34,932   
  F 41...Suspension special purpose front and rear (included in SS)      
  N 66...Styled Super Sport Wheels 75,00 314  
  PW 7..Tires, F70-14-4 PR white stripe (included in SS) (60,00) 30,605  
  M 20..Transmission (wide ratio) incl. Hurst competition shifter 185,00 37,816  
  M 11..Shift lever floor mounted (included in M20) (10,00) 25,586  
  G 94...Rear axle ratio 3.31:1 2,00 1,935  
  N 40...Power steering 90,00 141,607  
  N 44...Special steering, quick ratio (included in N 40 for 69 SS) (15,00) 2,161  
  D 34...Mirror, visor vanity 3,00 9,002  
  D 55...Console with floor mounted shifter, stowage compartment, ashtray and rear              seat courtesy light 51,00 156,225  
  A 01...Soft ray tinted glass 31,00 114,733   
  C 08...Vinyl roof cover   100,602  
  D 80...Front and rear spoiler equipment 31,00 19,040  
  Z 21...Style trim group (see note here). 45,00 102,740  
  Z 23...Special Interior, style trim (included in RPO Z 87) (17,00) 66,469  
  U 27..Light glove box (included in RPO Z 87)   8,963  
  U 28..Light ash tray   15,772  
  U 63..Radio AM pushbutton, front telescoping antenna 58,00 206,598  
  U 73..Antenna, manual rear mount 9,00 16,394  
  AS 5..Rear seat belt, standard 22,00 78  
  Z 87...Deluxe Interior (see note here). 105,00 39,875  
  N 61...Exhaust, dual (N 61 or NF 2, included in SS)      
  L 48...350/300 4bbl V8 (included in SS) (281,00) 22,339  
  D 90...Striping (included in SS) (24,00) 26,729  
  J 50...Power assisted brakes (included in J 52) (40,00) 82,890  
  J 52...Brakes, front disc, rear drum. 61,00 67,231  
Approximate sticker price in January 1969 for this SS 350 3.775,00    

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