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 1969 Pace Car Replica

        1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

                    Before (as bought)

                    Roadtrip Camiguin

                         Engine & drivetrain

                    Matching numbers

                    Frame Off


 1969 Triple Green

 1968 Kitchenblue Racer

 1967 RS/SS 350 Conv.

 1978 Blazer K5

 1973 VW 1300 Beetle

This shot taken the day it bought the car - notice the white Z/28 stripes on the car.

The L48 code 350cui 300hp V8 SS engine.

Its a bit dusty but overall in good condition and it runs great. Only few parts missing like the heater hoses (a commen missing item here in the Philippines), the air cleaner snorkel and the windshield washer jar. Also the radiator has been modified, its still the original but it has been made larger to improve cooling  - something you are always short of in those Manila trafficjams.

The engine has matching heads and manifolds, many hoses still have GM markings and the original hose clamps.

The engine is a HA code which is the SS 350/300 for manuel transmission, in this case the 4 speed Muncie M20 wide range. As the car is an original 4-speed car the speedometer cable routes through the firewall differently from an automatic car - this is a good clue when you have to determine wether or not a car is a true 4 speed.

The engine is a 4 bolt main block with 5 main bearings, bore is 4" and stroke 3.48" giving a displacement of 350cui (5735ccm).
The engine has the original cylinder heads with the 3947041 casting, distributor, exhaust and intake (casting 3927184) manifolds. The Rochester 4 barrel carburator and alternator have been changed over the years, but I might get lucky to find replacements and maybe even with correct date codes.

The rearend is a BM code which is 3.31:1 open gear, it makes the car accelerate easily from 20mph in 4. gear and to the top of speedometer without sacrificing the cars highway ability, the cars topspeed was published to be 125mph (201kph).




From an article on the 1967 SS 350/295 with 4 speed M20 and 3.31 rear end ratio in the magazine "Car and Driver" Nov. 66

0 to 30 mph 2,8
0 to 40 mph 4,1
0 to 50 mph 5,9
0 to 60 mph 7,8
0 to 70 mph 10,4
0 to 80 mph 13,3
0 to 90 mph 17,6
0 to 100 mph 23,0


Engine pad info

1969 "Camaro" engine with VIN number

Build January 9. 1969 in Tonawanda

HA code = SS 350 engine for 4 speed manual transmission.

Rated at 300bhp @ 4800rpm

Torque: 380lbs/ft @ 3200rpm (516 Nm)

Block Casting 3932388

Block Casting date A 7 9 January 7, 1969




Transmission info

1969 "Camaro" transmission with VIN number

Build January 23. 1969

A code = M20 Muncie Wide range

 4 speed.

12 bolt rearaxle with 5 leaf spring.

A 21 9 = Cast January 21st 1969

BM code = "Camaro" open gear (non-posi) 3.31 ratio

0206G1 = Assembled February 6 (1969) on the first shift.


See all the drive line numbers here

The flywheel needs to be refurbished and new clutch disc will be installed.

Original Rock Orchester Carburator