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I first saw this car when I bought my 69 SS 350 in July 2004, they were parked next to each other in the same garage in Manila. At the time the owner would not sell the green 69, but my interest in the car has been there eversince - I loved the color combination and finally more than two years later (Sep. 2006) I was able to make a deal on the car.




Engine and Drive train


396 cui Bigblock Chevy motor w/ 4 bolt mains

Th400 Turbohydramatic automatic 3 speed transmission

12 bolt rear end with 3.55 gear ratio and posi traction

Power steering with quick ratio.

Power disc brakes.

Heavy duty suspension font and rear w/ 5 leaf rear springs.

Front and rear sway bar

15 inch Z/28 Rally wheels w/ 265/60 rear and 235/60 front tyres




Paint and Body

Its hard to belive that in fact 11% of all Camaros in 1969 were Frost Green (this number only topped by Lemans Blue and Hugger Orange cars - both with 12%), because today you hardly ever see a Frost Green 69 Camaro.

Other Frost Green Camaros

Click on thumbnails for larger pictures and short description.



A SS 396 in Hugger Orange with white hockey stripe and white vinyl top - great looking car



RPO (Regular Production Options) on my SS 396

RPO...Description..............................................................................................Price (usd in 1969).........Quantity


  12437.Camaro V8 Sport Coupe 2726,00  190,971
  Z 27...Camaro SS (Super Sport package see note here) 281,00 34,932   
  F 41...Suspension special purpose front and rear (included in SS)      
  N 66...Styled Super Sport Wheels 75,00 314  
  PW 7..Tires, F70-14-4 PR white stripe (included in SS) (60,00) 30,605  
  M 20..Transmission (wide ratio) incl. Hurst competition shifter 185,00 37,816  
  M 11..Shift lever floor mounted (included in M20) (10,00) 25,586  
  G 94...Rear axle ratio 3.31:1 2,00 1,935  
  N 40...Power steering 90,00 141,607  
  N 44...Special steering, quick ratio (included in N 40 for 69 SS) (15,00) 2,161  
  D 34...Mirror, visor vanity 3,00 9,002  
  D 55...Console with floor mounted shifter, stowage compartment, ashtray and rear              seat courtesy light 51,00 156,225  
  A 01...Soft ray tinted glass 31,00 114,733   
  C 08...Vinyl roof cover   100,602  
  D 80...Front and rear spoiler equipment 31,00 19,040  
  Z 21...Style trim group (see note here). 45,00 102,740  
  Z 23...Special Interior, style trim (included in RPO Z 87) (17,00) 66,469  
  U 27..Light glove box (included in RPO Z 87)   8,963  
  U 28..Light ash tray   15,772  
  U 63..Radio AM pushbutton, front telescoping antenna 58,00 206,598  
  U 73..Antenna, manual rear mount 9,00 16,394  
  AS 5..Rear seat belt, standard 22,00 78  
  Z 87...Deluxe Interior (see note here). 105,00 39,875  
  N 61...Exhaust, dual (N 61 or NF 2, included in SS)      
  L 48...350/300 4bbl V8 (included in SS) (281,00) 22,339  
  D 90...Striping (included in SS) (24,00) 26,729  
  J 50...Power assisted brakes (included in J 52) (40,00) 82,890  
  J 52...Brakes, front disc, rear drum. 61,00 67,231  
Approximate sticker price in January 1969 for this SS 396 3.775,00    

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