1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

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         1969 SS 396 

                            First Drive, Jan 2009

                    A trip to the alignment shop

                    Before (as bought)

                    Engine & drive train


                    Matching numbers


Parked outside Hang Out+



I decided to bring the bigblock Camaro to John's Garage Power Garage for what was supposed to be a simple job. My instructions to John was "Engine is newly overhauled, I need you to go through it and see what it needs to get started". Sounds simple but turns out loads of stuff was missing on the 396, there was no starter, no alternator, no electrical wiring, no radiator hoses, no lights, no instruments were working, no horns, the transmission support was rotten, no shifter linkage, no transmission fluid, no rear end fluid, no engine oil, no coolant, no gascap, no rear deck lid lock cylinder, no gas cap etc etc.

So it took old John a couple of days longer than anticipated to get the 396 on the road. Finally on January 15, Hans and I went to Johns shop to pick up the mean slimegreen machine.

 Hans and John had to discuss Hans's Nova engine project first.

Finally time for some rumble, John wouldn't let me drive it on my own so he is riding shot gun giving instructions. As usual first trip of to the gas station to get some juice. Yeah that bigblock is a bit of a gas guzzler. At the gas station I learned that my gas cap was yesterdays newspaper - only in the Philippines.

Test drive successfully ended.


Hans's Camaro needed a small tune up as well.


No Drive without a pistop, here with Feters Limoservice


And straight back safely tucked away in the garage, the Mindanao Camaro in the background.



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