1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396

A trip to the alignment shop

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         1969 SS 396 

                    First Drive, Jan 2009

                           Alignment trip

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Well, I was very relieved to finally get my SS 396 Camaro on the road, however I was far from pleased with the handling

of the beast. Turned out front wheel alignment was not done at the restoration shop, and when Old John Rizya had the

car in for initial start up and break in he did the alignment by eye. Anyone that knows John will tell you that he is a great

mechanic and he told me that I better bring the car for alignment as soon as possible, which I then did.

Here is how alignment is done in these computer ages in the Philippines.



Off with the front wheels and on with these "brand new" thingies.


Then you attach this highly sophisticated "computerized" measuring device. It can show Camber and even camber correction


1 degree negative camber, ferpect for a 69 Camaro


Next up the Toe In, you see the pointed arrow now attached to the device, yup thats whats used to check the Toe In




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