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Under Chassis.

The Camaros build at the Van Nuys Factory in LA often has the build sheet on top of the gastank. The build sheet was left there from the factory and if you are lucky - you might find it in readable condition. The build sheet will show all the factory options the car came with when it left the factory, including engine (SS, Z28, base etc.), rearend, transmission, color etc etc.

When I heard the build sheet could be on top of the gastank, I wasted no time and the following morning I dropped it to search for the sheet. Imagine my disappointment when I found what was the remains of my buildsheet - only a small fraction was there and no options in the square boxes on the paper could be read. Allright I know my car is pretty original but it would have been nice to verify all the different options.

Picture of underchassis forward on the rear wheel in the passenger side showing the dual fuellines, the 3/8" is the feed line and the smaller 1/4" is the return line.

This setup is unique to 69 SS 350 and SS 396, if the car is build after Jan. 1 1969 as the LM1 350/255hp also had this setup - The LM1 was discontinued 1/1-69. My SS is build 3rd week of February 1969 (02C) or to be precise on February 18, 1969.

Also visible on the picture the front dual chambered exhaust, an unik Chevrolet performance part back in the late 60'ies. The chambered exhaust could be ordered as a factory option for all high performance Camaros like the SS 396's (325/350/375hp versions) and the Z/28's. It could not be factory ordered on a SS 350 but could of course be ordered and installed at the dealer.

Notice how good condition the underchassis is, there is virtually no rust and the car is all original sheet metal - a great find.