1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 L48/M20


Camiguin Island Road Trips.

The SS on our Camiguin Road Trip

We drove the car 300 miles to, from and around Camiguin and the car never missed a beat. We averaged 15mpg with 3 people in the car and a small fuel leak from a corroded fuel pipe (now fixed). The roads from here to Camiguin and on Camiguin are good and there is not much traffic - ideal conditions for some V8 touring.

The only obstacle we had on our Camiguin trip, was when some people in a small village on the road had decided to move a house across the highway and discovered it was too heavy to do it in one go, so they had to rest and sat the house down in the middle of the road!! - They had send a guy out in both directions to warn motorists - Hey Joe wait for a while, they where all smiles and a couple of minutes later we where on our way again. DAMN my camera was in the trunk, not everyday you see a house parked in the street - not even here in the Philippines.

Getting there.

Picture above from the first Camiguin trip waiting for the ferry. We brought back up in forms of the "grocery getter" seen here parked next to Camaro, well the Camaro couldn't sit 5 adults and 2 kids anyway, so we had to bring the pick up truck along.

Its a beautiful day and we had great fun on the trip as well as on the Island. On the right of the picture the Chief Engineer is telling stories from overseas to some local kids - that just want to dive for coins you throw in the water.




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