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First arrival in the bodyshop January 2006.

  Condition before frame off resto commenced
I first saw this Camaro in Manila on July 8 - 2004. It was Jessie that had called me up and told me about this golden opportunity, so I flew in and had Jessie pick me up in the airport and went directly to see the car. At least two other buyers had shown more than a little interest in the car and one was ready to pay the asking price immediately. So there was no time to think it over, if I wanted the car I needed to make a decision right away. Luckily I had brought some cool cash as downpayment and a deal was made that also included a 69 El Camino 454 - I had been looking for a real SS Camaro for ages and had finally found one.
The car wasn't exactly good looking, but a ook beyond the faded paint revealed a totally solid body with very little rust and bondy. The paint was faded and ugly but almost all the chrom and trim is in great shape. The underchassis pictures shows very little rust, mostly just surface rust like above the gastank and inside the rear quarter panels and at the rear end of the rear frame rails.




June 2006
Pictures of the firewall, in large versions the 4 speed Muncie speedocable hole can be seen. This firewall setup in unique to Muncie 4 speeds and as you all know - only high performance Camaros like SS's and Z/28's (except for the LM1's (350/255) which was dicountinued on 1/1-69) could be ordered with Muncie transmissions.

The car has the warrenty repair inspection sticker in all 4 windows, see picture below. A closer look on the sticker reveals a dotted line down the center, like it was supposed to be torn into two pieces

There was rampant abuse in those days of the warranty reimbursement system by some dealers, and one of the most popular "fixes" to report with a good payback (without actually doing the work) was glass adjustment on frameless glass cars, based on false claims of water leaks, wind noise, etc. The tear-off part of the tag had to be affixed to the warranty claim paperwork or it wouldn't be reimbursed, to prove that they had actually removed the door or quarter trim panel to make a glass adjustment.
The abuse became so lucrative (in the $millions) in the northeast that two Chevrolet Zone Service Managers who were heading up the investigation of dealers in the New York and New Jersey Zones were murdered and wound up in the Hudson River.




  July 2006
Here the front subframe assembly, rearend and inner fenders get some attention.


  October 2006
Body work is completed and it has been resprayed in the correct Lemans Blue colour, these pictures are still without the clear topcoat. Left the body without the entire front clip.


  February 2007

Finally assembly has started on the SS 350, pictures below shows assembly of brake system and rear end. The car is being fitted with brand new stainless steel prebend brake lines that follows the original brake line routing perfectly and has the original style reinforcement springs around the tubes. The stainless lines should last a long time compared to ordinary steel lines. Brand new dual stainless steel original style fuel lines are also being installed. Other underchassis components replaced are, full body bushing kit, subframe bushings and radiator support bushings, new brake lining, new shocks etc. etc.



  July 2007
Almost there, the engine and transmission have now been installed.


  September 2007
Vinyl roof installation. The car is an original 71 E paint code which means Lemans Blue body with a parchment (white) vinyl top, therefore it is beeing put back together as it left the factory back in February 1969. Below detailed pictures of the vinyl roof line unique to 69 Camaros, where the vinyl top follows the roof drip rails all along the roof line.
Also detailed pictures of where the rear panel is attached to the rear quarters, this is original factory assembly showing the good condition of this almost all original GM sheetmetal car.













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