69 Pace


 The Cars

 1967 Yutivo RS

 1969 Pace Car Replica

        1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

                    Before (as bought)

                    Engine & drive train


                    Matching numbers

                    Frame Off (new update)


 1969 SS 396 Triple Green

 1979 Blazer K5

 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros


All original Interior

The interior - also a bit dusty but overall in very good condition, there is a few minor hickups - like the triple gauge pod mounted in the dashboard  and the Sony stereo mounted where the original AM/FM radio once was installed - haven't decided what to do about that yet.

The windshield clearly shows the A01 soft ray tinted glass option.

Also notice the 4 seat belt buckles, 2 for each seat, one is for the lap belt and the other one for the shoulder harness.

The small boys enjoying time behind the wheel, a bit early you might say, but as you can see Martin knows exactly where the ignition is.

Also the rearseat is full of 6 seatbelts - 3 sets of lap belts, so all in all the car has 12 belts!!!! No wonder the seatbelts were not approved in e.g. Sweden where local car manufactores like Volvo had been using 3-point retractable belts for years.

Check out this warning label on the front seat belt shoulder harness "DO NOT USE IF WEARER IS LESS THAN 4 FEET 7 INCHES TALL" - no more no less.