1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 350 L48/M20


Original SS L48/M20 with original matching numbers 350/300hp V8 engine.

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I flew to Manila on July 8, had Jessie pick me up in the airport and went directly to see the car. At least two other buyers had shown more than a little interest in the car and one was ready to pay the asking price immediately. So there was no time to think it over, if I wanted the car I needed to make a decision right away. Luckily I had brought some cool cash as downpayment, because I had to have this car - I had been looking for a real SS for ages and had finally found one. 

Notice the missing SS and Camaro emblems on the front fenders, there is however clear markings of the emblems where they used to be. Also missing is the wheel well mouldings and the rocker panel chrom trim moulding - the original mounting holes for the latter are there.

The car wasn't exactly good looking, but look beyond the faded paint and you will see a totally solid body with very little rust and bondy. The paint is faded and ugly but almost all the chrom and trim is in great shape - all it took to make this "barn fresh" Camaro a looker was a bit of paint in Jessies Shop.

We decided to trailer it to Angeles, the car was in good road going condition, but it was just easier and uch less time consuing to put it on a truck and have it delivered directly to the shop. I had to wait  a couple of days before the car arrived - just in time for the July 10 race at OMNI Aviation in Clark Air base.

The car had 96555 miles on the odometer when I bought it and it ran great and still does, it steers completely straight, even under heavy braking and no hands on the wheel it runs straight. And there is not a sound from the suspension or elsewhere - a totally solid car - a great find.





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