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The SS (in its former darker colour with white Z/28 stripes on th hood only) on the trac at OMNI with Clark Air Base and Mount Pinatubu in the background. This is a picture shot just the day after I got the car, I had only driven it approx. 50 miles, it just ran so great that I could drive directly to and on the trac.

Its great fun to drive the SS on the 1/4 mile (as well as anywhere else), you have to shift through all 4 gears before reaching the finish line at almost 90mph.

It runs very low 16s, the problem is traction - it spins the wheels wildly on street tyres all through 1. gear and well past the 60 foot mark.

Could be fun to put on a set of sticky tyres and see what times the standard 35 year old muscle car would do.


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Heeey Your going the wrong way, backing up your Camaro doesn't make it a front wheel drive.