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The Triple-green Camaro SS 396

Original Frost Green car with Dark Green vinyl top and Midnight Green interior - add to that green soft ray tinted windows - and the nickname "Green slime Camaro" is born. The Car has a mildly modified 396 cui engine coupled to a TH400 automatic transmission and a 12 bolt rear end.

This is the latest Camaro in the "collection", bought it September 2006 from the same owner as my 69 SS 350. The car is a "sister car" to my SS 350 as they are produced just 5  days apart at the Van Nuys plant in Los Angeles.

The new addition appears to be quite a project, but in actual it needs paint and assembly only - bodywork and the mechanic parts are all completed. The car is almost complete with all parts. Above pictures show the car after we painted it in the correct Frost Green colour. The pictures don't do the colour justice, it looks so much better in person and I am hoping once it gets out of the workshop and into better light that I will be able to post some pictures showing the real colour.


Engine and Drive train

The car has been fitted with a freshly build 396 cui bored to 402 cui (6588 ccm or 6.6 L) with some go fast goodies, the big block Chevy is backed by a TH400 transmission with standard U-bar shifter in the center console. A 12 bolt rear end with posi puts the power to the ground.


Matching Numbers ?

You may ask yourself how a car that originally was a 350/Th350 small block and that is now fitted with a 396/Th400 can be matching numbers - well of course it isn't but....... I also bought the original complete engine and transmission along with the car. Question is now to let the big block continue its rumble or to bring the car back to its original configuration.



Paint, Body and Interior

The body was very solid to begin with, very little rust present and no major sheet metal has been changed - its still all good old GM parts. The flat hood has been made into a cowl industion hood, which fits the SS396 image and gives better engine cooling and underhood clearance. The car has also been fitted with the D80 spoiler option.

This car is a triple green monster, Frost Green (Code 59) paint aka slime green, dark green vinyl top (code S) aka military green and standard green interior (Code TR 723) aka frog green.
The car has been painted in its original colors at Jessie's shop, the plan is to make it an "original" looking SS 396, which means black out tail panel and rockers + add the D90 hockey stripe in black. It is not the most common color combination. The frost green was not very rare back in 1969, but now it seems that most of the frost green cars are gone or has been resprayed in more "popular" colours - dare to be different, I haven't regretted painting it in its original colour - and most people that sees the car seems to love it.

Click on thumbnails for larger pictures and short description.



A 1969 Z/28 in Frost Green with black stripes and green interior - great looking car





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