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L65/Th350 matching numbers 350/250hp V8 engine.

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The build date codes on the drive train components matches the chassis AND a portion of the chassis VIN is found in the engine number and transmission number (last 6 digits) = #matching.

I have taken the most important information on the numbers on this 350/350 combo, however I have left the 2 last digits in the VIN blank, something I feel is necessary with all the scam and fraud on the internet. Press the small flag on the left to see pictures of the numbers, tags, VIN etc.

Body VIN 124379L5230xx Build second week of february, 1969
Engine Number 19L5230xx  T0130HD Build January 30, 1969
Transmission Number B9B03N Build February 3, 1969 - nightshift
Engine block no. 3932388, cast date A 27 9 Cast January 27, 1969
Rearend casting L228 December 22, 1968
  Soft Ray tinted glass All January 1969
  Seat Belts All (Irvin 1-A-69) January 1969

The car is a "sister car" to my SS 350 as they are produced just 5  days apart at the Van Nuys plant in Los Angeles. The 396 SS is produced second week of February 13th 1969 and my SS 350 is produced February 18th, the VIN numbers of the two cars are 818 cars apart - both build at the Van Nuys plant in Los Angeles.

The car is a "late" Van Nuys (Los Angeles) Camaro and therefore it has a VN code on the trim tag or VIN tag, earlier part of 69 Van Nuys cars received a LOS (for Los Angeles) code on the trim tag.  Click HERE to read about decoding your Camaro.

As there is no X-code on the trim tag on Van Nuys Camaros you have to rely on other clues to verify what the car originally was - in many cases this can only be verified if the car still retains its original drive train. In this case the original drive train, engine and transmission has the VIN number of the car stamped on them. The engine has the HD code, which makes it a L65 250 hp 2 barrel V8 with Turbo hydramatic transmission. The L65 Camaro was a replacement for the LM1 350/255hp Camaro discontinued 1/1-69.


The engine is a 4 bolt main block with 5 main bearings, bore is 4" and stroke 3.48" giving a displacement of 350cui (5735ccm).



VIN Info

1969 Chevrolet Camaro V8 Coupe

Build in Los Angeles


Trim Tag Info

1969 Camaro Coupe

Build at Van Nuys plant in LA

Midnight green standard Interior

Frost green w/ dark green vinyl top

Build second week of Feb. 1969 on the "H"-day.

H day = Thursday, February 13 - 1969


Engine pad info

19L5230xx TOI30HD

1969 "Camaro" engine with VIN number

Build January 30. 1969 in Tonawanda

HD code = 350/250hp 2 barrel engine for turbo hydramatic transmission.

Rated at 250bhp @ ? rpm

Torque: ? lbs/ft @ ? rpm


Block Casting






Block Casting date

A 27 9

January 27, 1969






Transmission info

B: Th350 (Cleveland 1969)

9: 69 model year

B: February

03: 3rd day February

N:  Nightshift

  = TH350 turbo hydramatic aut. transmission.


12 bolt rearaxle info

L 22 8 =

Cast December 22nd 1968



Picture coming

Cylinder head info

coming this November








Picture coming


Intake Manifold date


69 Camaro dimensions

Wheelbase  108.1 in 274.57 cm  
Track F: 59,0 in / R: 58,9 in F: 149,86  / R: 149,61 cm  
Lenght 186,0 in 472,42 cm  
Width 74,0 in 187,96 cm  
Height 51,0 in 129,54 cm  
Ground clearance 5,0 in 12,70 cm  
Curb weight 3269 lbs 1485 kg  
Test weight (Car Life) 3714 lbs 1685 kg  
Weight distribution, F/R 57,0/43,0 %    
Lbs/bhp (test weight) 12,6    
Battery capacity 12 volts, 61 amp/hr    
Altenator capacity 444 watts    
Fuel Capacity 18,5 gal 70,0 liter  
Oil capacity 5,0 gts    
Water capacity 15,0 qts    



RPO (Regular Production Options) on my L65

RPO...Description.....................................................................Price (usd in 1969).........Quantity

12437.Camaro Sport Coupe
  X 99...Rally wheels
99...Transmission TH350 (Turbo Hydramatic)
  N 40...Power steering
X 99...Posi Traction
X 99...Cowl induction hood (added)
X 99...Factory four season air con

  X 99...Tilt steering (added)
X 99...Rear bumber guards
X 99...Front bumper guards
  X 99...Dash
mounted clock
  D 55...Floor mounted console
  A 01...Soft ray tinted glass
  C 08...Vinyl roof cover
  D 80...Front and rear spoiler equipment

  Z 21...Style trim group
  Z 23...Interior style trim group
  L 65...350/250 2bbl V8
  J 52....Disc Brakes, front only, power assisted.


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