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1973 Chevy Nova 383 cui

Lars's wannabee overflacked cosutm paint Hugger Orange 1973 Suppe Nova, notice the aluminum rear wing which came of the tailsection of an Boing 747 ;o) Very very rare Nova option, quite common on Airbus'es though.
Dont be fooled though cause underneath the hood rests a potent destroked 400cui smallblock Chevy displacing 377 cubic inches sporting a Weinand stealth intake, forged pistons, camel hump heads, 280 degree camshaft, Holley 750 CFM carburator, ported camel hump heads, and Hedmann Hedders all this coupled via a TH350 to a 10 Bolt rearend with positraction and 3.91 gears.




Lars has yet to experience the "Casa Nova's" behaviour down the track, but luckily he has friends to do that for him, see video below.

We testdrove it earlier this year but without timing and without using the B&M quickshift through the gears.

Webmaster driving the Suppe Nova, click above

(right click and choose "save target as"

560kb Video



The "Soup" Nova in September 2007, after a minor badly needed tune up.