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1979 Chevrolet Blazer 4wd 350 cui V8

4 WD + Big Wheels + Removable roof = Beachmobile

The daily Angeles City driver. Big - Tough - Rough - Intimidating - four wheel drive with lock in high and low gear ratio - automatic transmission - dual aircon, what more can you ask for. It should have a bumper sticker on the rear bumper saying "Move over Rover" cause nothing can stop this Heavy Chevy - not Typhoons, Flooding, Lahare, tricycles or jeepneys.

Its a great truck  when the roads get a bit rough or if typhoons causes floods, or if we feel like playing around in the lahare.
It will also carry the whole family to the beach in style and its dual aircon makes long trips a breeze, you even have a great view over traffic. My only complain is its "small" 120 liter gastank - it limits how many hours you can drive non stop, you stop to fill it up all the time. Click on the link below to see our trip Angeles - Subic - Zambales and back.


If you see this in your rear view mirror - "MOVE OVER"

The Heavy Chevy @ Clark

It's a Cheyenne version of the Blazer and I am told thats basically an interior package. Its an original 350cui version, sporting 165 hp @ 3600 rpm in original trim - but this one has also had "minor" upgrades like headers, Edelbrock carburator and intake, ported and polished camel hump heads, K&N air filter and a mild towing cam upgrade - so the horsepower is sufficient now.
Drivers of new V8 SUV's certainly gets a surprise when the big Heavy Chevy pulls away from them at stoplights.

Below my favorite Blazer option, the snowplow

The body is slightly lifted and the tyres are 33 inches tall and 12.5 inches wide.




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