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1977 Chevy Nova

Hans's Chevy Nova 350

Hans 1977 Chevy Nova originally sported a 305cui with an anemic output of 150hp. Somewhere along the line in the history of this Nova the 305 was swapped to a two-barrel 307cui V8, this coupled to a 2.56 super highway rear end made the car quite a slug. Hans, being a racer, had always been dissatisfied with the performance of his Nova, therefore he decided to upgrade his engine slightly.......see below.


The original 305cui V8 in the 77 Nova sported 145hp at 3800rpm with 245 ft/lbs at 2400rpm with an 8.4-1 compression.

The engine in Hans's Nova is more than double this output, the engine is estimated to put out around 350hp on the flywheel.


Hans's Nova now has a 350 cui smallblock bored 030 over with Hypereutectic flattop pistons, Edelbrock Performer RPM aluminum cylinder heads with 64cc combustion chambers and 170cc intake runners, Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold and on top an Edelbrock 600cfm Carburetor. 1 5/8'' exhaust headers feeds into a dual exhaust setup with 2 1/2'' pipes. The cam John chose for Hans is a relatively mild COMP high energy cam. Its a hydraulic flat Tappet with an Advertised Duration of 268/268 and a lift of .454/.454, this corresponds to 218/218 degrees duration at 050 lift. A set of full aluminum roller rockers with 1.5 ratio and a HEI ignition completes the engine package.

A new Torquemaster 2000 torque converter with a new 3.08 ratio rear end and a shift kit in the TH350 completes the package.

Not too shabby for a daily driver.



Here parked outside Easy Rider Cafe (now Screamin' Eagle) in good company with Fers beautiful 71 Torino and Gene's 455 Oldsmobile powered 69 C-10 Chevy Truck



At a race at Omni Aviation Clark Air Base


Paint job in Bong's Motor Shop


1978 Rally sport Nova, Rally sport grill and stripes.

1977 Chevy Nova Police version