69 Pace


 The Cars

     1967 Yutivo RS

     1969 Pace Car Replica

     1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

     1969  SS 396 Triple Green

     1979 Blazer K5

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 1967 - 1969 factory paint

 Yutivo Camaros


Fer Tearing up the "Ring Djursland" track at the Corvette days, setting fastest time in the process.

Fer's Z06 aka Sorte Slyngel

(thats Black Bastard to you non-danes out there)


Cool race pictures from a rainy day, Fer managed to keep the beast on the trac.

Why is this guy smiling ????

Z 06 battle, the faster of the two isn't leading at this point - soon to change


On the showroom floor

LS7 V8 engine, 7.0 liter, 512 bhp

This can catapult the Z06 from 0 - 270 kmph i 4th gear alone - beat this, anyone!!!!!!!!!!


Old versus New, while the older car might look cool, the new Z 06 looks awesome and drives even better than it looks. Succesive wins at races like the 24 hours of Le Mans proves that.