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    Chevy Straight 6 performance

    68 Camaro 250 11.86sec 113mph       

     Chevy 250, 300hp 300lbs street

    68 Camaro 250, triple carb

    68 Camaro 250, turbocharged

    292cui W/ Hybrid cylinder head

Chevy 250 cui straight 6, Clifford intake w/ 500cfm 4bbl Edelbrock, Clifford Headers

Offenhauser Valve Cover

68 Camaro 250 11.86sec 113mph

Front wheel of the ground, powered by 250cui Chevy w/ 3 webers, fastest time 11.86sec @113mph 1/4mile


Chevy 250cui, 300hp 300lbs street engine


1968 Camaro 250, triple weber carburators



1968 Camaro 250 with Turbocharger



292cui W/ Hybrid cylinder head

This cylinder head is buid from two V8 Pro Topline Aluminum Heads, w/ 220cc Intake Runners.
Then 1 cylinder is machined off of each head, bolted onto a special jig, and then welded together.

The custom machine work on Leo's Chevy 292 L6, turbo powerplant. Preliminary 1/4 mile testing has resulted in a 10.04, at 137+ mph run, w/ only 10 pounds of boost. Once we work out a few bugs, we can start tuning the motors fuel curve, and start pumping up the boost! The car will be in the 9's in no time!, with the 8's just around the corner!






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