Boracay Island, Philippines

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   Images from Boracay:  

The native product marked

There is a small marked area directly on the beach at Boracay, here you can find all kinds of different handmade products.

The Beach is also packed with restaurants, your choice of just about anykind of fresh seafood. Usually served directly at the beach in candlelight atmosphare.


The Famous White Beach

The famous White Beach, several times voted to be among the
top 5 best beaches in the world. I for sure have NEVER seen
sand so fine and white - its a truly amazing beach and the water
is crystal clear.

There is a few good diving spots in the area, but Boracay isn't exactly known as a dive place or a place where divers go only
to dive - other places like Moal Boal, Malapascua, Sabang Beach and Panglao offer much better diving.


Typical Native Boracay Sailing Boats

All kinds of watersports is offered at the beach, Parasailing,
water skiing, banana boat rides, Island Tours, Sundown Tours, Diving Tours - you name it.

In the background on the picture the Island Aklan on which all
trips to Boracay starts.


Grace on the Beach

Grace strolling on the Beach in Boracay April 2001, when the picture was taken she was 3 months pregant with Martin.

I was certified as a diver when we visited Boracay, but didn't
get a chance to do some underwater exploring.


Breathtaking Sunsets

This shot taken from a boat tour, The Boracay Sunset - truly amazing, I have to apalogize for the quality of the picture, back
in 2001 my digital Camera might have been new but today its ancient 1mp technology - I swapped for an octopus to one of my dive gears last year.



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