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 69 Pace


 The Cars

     1969 Pace Car Replica

     1969 SS 350 L48/M20 

     1969 Triple Green

     1968 Kitchenblue Racer

     1967 RS/SS 350 Conv.

     1978 Blazer K5

     1973 VW 1300

     American Muscle

     Cool Camaros


Check out the license plate in this original GM ad, it reads 1970 - yeah thats right - the 1969 model continued into the 1970 model year and was sold as 1970 model. The new 2nd generation Camaro wasn't ready for release before mid 70, therefore early 2nd gen. Camaros are known as 70 1/2 Model.

Chevrolet 1967 Musle Car lineup, Camaro RS/SS, Impala SS, Chevelle SS, Nova SS and Corvette. The guy in the Camaro looks particulary satisfied.


Oooh boy, I got another one stuck on my hood!!


1969 Prototype COPO ZL-1 427cui Camaro

A GM proposal with Hula Hula girls, surfboard and matching miniracer boat - simulated woodgrain on the sides of a 1967 Camaro Convertible - I guess even in the 60'ies this was too much.



The Camaro GM never dared to make, these years fast station wagons has become a part of every major european manufactorers line up. FYI This is a computerized fake


Who says a SS has to be at least a 350cui, check out this original 1968 GM ad and read closely on the fender emblem - thats right it reads 327 and ad clearly states "Camaro SS" in lower right corner with tiny small letters, however the car shown isn't a SS but the L30/M20 327/275hp 4 speed "sleeper" performance Camaro.


Top of the line Brenderup Trailer


Danish Camaro Club

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Couldn't resist it even its not a Camaro or even a GM product for that matter, but this is just a great shot of an awesome car.