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Kiwi's place

Thanks to Kiwi for putting the touring club together, hopefully Kiwi will be touring in a classic V8 again soon - we sure miss the trips.


What, a place without the attention of the locals??

Thats better, finally some attention

Pictures of a Touring back in Oct. 2003, My Kitchen blue racer (damn I miss that car), Kiwi's Cool Camaro and Fers 1967 Chevelle Esufer Esfort (in local tongue)

2002 Bagio Trip

The Kirtchen Blue Racer in the highlands of Bagio, Philippines. It was here that I one early morning in 10 degrees C discovered that the Kitchen Blue Racer had no choker - pretty hard to get it fired up.


From a touring in February 2006, Hans Sweedish Yellow 68 Camaro and Fers very nice cruisemobile. Note the other traffic in the pictures, a local family with a Carabao


Kiwi's Cool Camaro.

Is there a car missing in the pictures?


Aaah there it is, Feters "lysekrone", the Pimpmobile. Well even the Lysekrone can suffer a puncture - Feter bought a set of 4 new tyres the very next day.



My 69 SS on the beautiful Island of Camiguin

Click pictures below for more info on the two raodtrips to the beautiful Island

Camiguin Island Road Trip I

Bumping Blazing Road Trip, click picture below






Would you be concerned for your classic Camaro, knowing how many ferry disaters hits the Philippines ?



Would you have second thoughts about crossing this fine bridge in your newly restored classic?