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View from Atherinolakkos office

Think fog creeping in from the sea, obstructing the view to our bunker port.




Strong winds & Heavy sea

In the winter the weather can change very rapidly on the Island.



Or uuups, the pounding of the strong waves against the coastline eroded part of the foundation for Atherinolakkos site perimeter fence. Eventually the seawall collapsed and the fence fell into the sea.


Sandstorms from Sahara

Sandstorms in Africa turns the sky red with dust from the Sahara dessert - if it happens to rain during these conditions everything will be plastered in red mud.


Snow on the mountain tops

The temperature is usually above zero degrees when it snows on this part of Crete, therefore the snow is gone within the same day as it falls. This picture is from approx. 500 meter above sea level.

On the road from Sitia to Atherinolakkos, which reaches heights of 600 meters above sea level, we sometimes encounters snow during the winter - and the temperature can drop to below freezing.

The mountain in the backgound with the snow is 1100 meters above sea level.



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