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007 CEO Joe's Shaken Not Stirred.

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                Race Entry No. 007, CEO Joe

 Race Entry No. 11, Mr. Cool`s Mad Max

 Race Entry No. 12, Hans's Tweety

 Race Entry No. 13, John Rizya`s Thunder

 Race Entry No. 14, Blown Crazy

 Race Entry No. 19, Robe Hyde´s Viper

 Race Entry No. 33, Kitchenblue Racer

 Race Entry No. 69


007 CEO Joe's Shaken Not Stirred

The Shaken not Stirred Camaro at a gas station, the 468 cui bigblock with roller cam, AFR full CNC heads, Hooker headers, Air Gap Manifold and a big double pumper on top likes gas..... a lot of gas.


From the time when CEO Joe's Camaro was more shaken than stirred. Rescued from the chinese scrap dealer in the mid 90'ies by Aussie Kevin, who eventually got tired of cleaning the car out after being submerged in water on more than one occasion. It was bought by Fer for a 1000 bucks and brought back to life. Fer you deserve a medal just for that.




It used to be a real trailer queen.

But only because it did not run under its own power


But those days are gone





There is light at the end of the tunnel


Crusing on the SCTEX Expressway