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11 Steve Caldwell's Mad Max

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 Race Entry No. 007, CEO Joe

           Race Entry No. 11, Mr. Cool`s Mad Max

 Race Entry No. 12, Hans's Tweety

 Race Entry No. 13, John Rizya`s Thunder

 Race Entry No. 14, Blown Crazy

 Race Entry No. 19, Robe Hyde´s Viper

 Race Entry No. 33, Kitchenblue Racer

 Race Entry No. 69


11 Mr. Cool's Mad Max

Tactics are being discussed before the run, the time slips are carefully scrutinized.


Mr. Cool ready to rock and roll.
Enormous Hoosier Slicks are one of many reasons why all steel street driven Mad Max does 11 sec time slips.
So wide Feter can even use the tires as a table for his cold one.


Steve in his jump suit enjoying a cold one after a hard day of racing.


Mr. Cool has one of the best looking pit crew on the team, yes gents I am referring to the lady on the right.