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 Race Entry No. 69


Sorry Sloffy Joe, could not find a picture of you with a trophy, so here is one with a beer instead.

12 Hans's Tweety Camaro

Like any racer Hans knows preparation is a must. Above on the left Bongs Motor Shop's chief mechanic is checking if the rear differential is still attached to the car. Above right outside Ken Kepners shop, Tweety must have been feeling hot since they were so nice to add an umbrella to the hood.


Hans always brings along his chief mechanic supervisor, here shown looking rather concerned about what Hans is trying to fix.

I think we are back to an oooooooooold issue with misalignment of a certain v-belt.


Here a tired racer.

Hans mark my words, its easier to get the v-belt issue repaired rather than pushing the 3500 lbs Camaro back to the pits.

Hans is the newest addition to the Garage Power Racing team and here he is wisely taking advice from the more experienced racers.

Garage Power racing team are competitors on the track, but of it advice and race secrets are shared.


Owner/driver/pitcrew/mechanic, all in one pink package.

To quote John Rizya after he spotted Hans in the pits wearing slippers and sleeveless:

"Hans get your racing suit on, you look like a Race Track Mobster"