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13 John Rizya's Thunder

John is pushing 69 years of age and this is still going as strong as ever. Here he is where he loves to be, behind the wheel of his beloved 1967 Thunder Camaro. Im guessing, but I would say that John and Thunder has won more trophies than any other race car in the Philippines.


When John is not racing chances are you will find him in his Garage Power shop, tinkering with race cars, street cars, muscle cars or building engines. His shop is always busy any day of the week.

The shop is also a living museum as it is stocked with all kinds of V8 engines from 265 cui Chevys over nail heads to Hemi's.

A friend was looking for rare 429 CJ pistons for his engine, no worries. John went to the attic and came down with two original standard bore 429 Cobra Jet pistons.


John and Sloffy Joe in deep thoughts about parts for another engine project, John gives great advice and when it comes to smallblock Chevy's the man is hard to beat. My n.....rig engine mean green Camaro in the back ground.

Thunder's interior is all business, gauges to monitor important engine parameters and a tachometer. B&M quicksilver shifter is my favorite too, John added a bit of class with a Hurst shift knob.

And whats all this then......John must have forgotten his race shoes over there on the left.


Hectic activity at the pits on the Clark International Speedway race on January 17, 2009. John is having cooling pump problems and he is all over the place working and giving orders. Needless to say that John again scored a class win despite Thunder giving him a bit of problems.