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 Race Entry No. 007, CEO Joe

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               Race Entry No. 14, Blown Crazy

 Race Entry No. 19, Robe Hyde´s Viper

 Race Entry No. 33, Kitchenblue Racer

 Race Entry No. 69


14 Blown Crazy

1967 Chevy Camaro 327 "Blown Crazy"


The heart of Blown Crazy, the high winding 12.5 to 1 compression 327, all go and no show is the Blown Crazy trade mark.

Interior is all business, no comfy stuff found here



Here Blown Crazy at the starting line at an Omni Qualifier, John Rizya behind the wheel, hence the starting number 13, lucky 13 usually always on John's Thunder Camaro





Blown Crazy parked next to an unrestored 69 Camaro SS with lots of Patina



Yutivo tell tale signs here as well...............