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 Race Entry No. 007, CEO Joe

 Race Entry No. 11, Mr. Cool`s Mad Max

 Race Entry No. 12, Sloffy Joe

 Race Entry No. 13, John Rizya`s Thunder

 Race Entry No. 14, Blown Crazy

 Race Entry No. 19, Robe Hyde´s Viper

              Race Entry No. 33, Kitchenblue Racer

 Race Entry No. 69


Webmaster taking the win in the Sportsman Pro series, beating a 69 Mustang Mach 1 in the finals. This huge success was followed up by 2nd place overall loosing only to Ken Kepner in a final that has to be run twice.

33 The Kitchen Blue Racer

As usual well prepared for the upcoming race, actually time runs have already started. John is taking time out to come and pick up the stranded racer, anything to get a guy racing.

Peter is giving calming words to the overheated driver.



Hectic works in the pits to get the Kitchenblue Racer ready for the race. Fuel starvation problem and an overheated starter. John and the crew managed to get it going before timing runs where finished.


Who is that busy under the hood, aha of course none other than Mr. Garage Power.


Smallblock Chevy build by John Rizya, dressed up by Mr. Wolf and driven by webmaster.

Best looking engine compartment of any Garage Power car.

Waiting on the starting area during timing runs, Mr. Cools Mad Max on the outer lane.



Hey Claus, you forgot your scuba tank in the trunk.