Clark International Speedway

April 25, 2009

 69 Pace

 Joe`s Garage

 Garage Power Garage

 Garage Power Camaros

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April 25, 2009

The Event was plagued by rain and only some qualifying runs were done for the fast cars.

John was present, as ever with his Thunder Camaro but had to call it a day early due to weather conditions.



A nice 2nd gen Camaro at the pits, I like the color scheme


Garage Power Supporters busy drinking beer, a bit of rain can not stop that


The rain also poses other problems, as seen with idle racer Hans, water in the beer - a big no no and hence the sour onion expression on his face

Whats that Hans, no "look like racetrack mobster" comments from John this time

The Yellow Tweety Camaro parked safely at "home", Hans did not have time to make the Yellow racer race ready due to his busy schedule - something about work and an old "oil can"

Redneck Racing Teams support truck with its cool beer cooler trailer.