Clark International Speedway

May 25, 2009

 69 Pace

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May 25, 2009

John had to settle for second in the Quick 8 shoot out as the starter motor on on Johns old faithful Thunder Camaro gave up just before the finals, well John you can't take'm all.
The event started a bit on the rough side as well, being late for the starting line John was left with no option than to pull up to the line without checking his tire pressures. Thunder pulled hard off the line and immediately pulled to the side and John took out one of the centerline cones - so the race was lost. But a strong come back from the looser finals took him to the final in the end - too bad about the starter motor. Tire pressures at the first run was later measured  to 7.5lbs on one tire and 14lbs on the other - no wonder was she wasn't running straight.

Thunders best time of the day was an 11.44sec