Panglao Island, Bohol, Philippines

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   Images from Panglao:  

The old Church

This old church in the town of "_________" on Bohol was build in 1595. Today it still serves as a church and they also run a small museum.



Chocolate Hills

The famous Chocolate hills in the center of Bohol Island, the more than 1000 small hills is believed to have been formed by a prehistoric coral reef.

The hills get their name from how they look in the summertime where too little rain gives them a brown chocolate like colour.




The worlds smallest "monkey", Tarsier are only known to live on a certain part of Bohol and although rumuors has it that there is also a part of Indonesia where it is possible to find the little fellow, it is still an endagered spicies .

The Tarsier is a night "owl", hence the very big eyes which allows them to hunt for insects at night. Their head can turn almost 180 degrees to each side.

These two small fellas where held in captivity in an approved facility.




A view of the white beach on Panglao, tour boats are "parked" right at your doorstep.

There is plentyful diveshops along the beach, most offer divetrips to nearby dive sites on an everyday basis. Some of the bigger shops also offer dive safaris.

The Visayas offers some of the best diving in the Philippines, Hammerhead point and Balicasag Island is to very known dive sites nearby.


Fyraftens pilsner" on White Beach

Martin and I enjoying ourselfes after a "hard day" diving, sunbathing and swimming.

White Beach on Panglao is certainly a place for the family.

We have been there three times already and will be coming back.



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